Animaze Editor Functions

What are the Animaze Editor functions?

The Animaze Editor features the following functions:
• import 3D models that serve as Avatars (animated characters), Props (attachable to
avatars or to the scene) and Scenes. Current format support is .FBX
• edit, debug and adjust properties of the imported 3D models:
• animations
• materials
• pivot position and rotation
• scale

• combine different 3D models together
• define item’s properties such as thumbnail, friendly names, descriptions.
• create Particle Systems that can be attached to any item
• create full 3D Scenes with light setup, skybox, sound sources and other items (e.g. props, particles systems)
• bundle and upload the created items (Avatars, Props, Scenes) to the Animaze Storefront
• preview created items in different scenarios directly in Animaze Editor. All previews are 1:1 with what’s displayed on every platform: Windows and iOS.

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