How do I import a custom 3D Avatar?

How do I import a custom 3D Avatar?

Importing a 3D model (.fbx format) creates an Animaze friendly resource that's ready to use at runtime by Animaze SDK powered applications (including 1st party Holotech Studios apps and 3rd parties).

The imported sources (models and textures) are copied to the Assets/ folder of the Editor (find it at <AnimazeEditorInstallationDir>\Data\Assets\), then they go through the import process which outputs Animaze resources placed in the Resources/ folder.

  • Assets/ folder contains the sources of the imported avatars and props
  • Resources/ folder contains the runtime ready versions of the imported avatars and props, with each item having a separate folder.

The current import process has some rules and limitations:

1. Animaze expects the current files and folders structure for an item (avatar/prop):

  • Animations/               → folder with .fbx animations (single clip per file)
  • Textures/                    → folder with textures
  • itemGeometry.fbx     → geometry file named as desired. 


The Geometry file should contain only geometry and blendshapes info, as skeletal animation data is ignored.

2. Once an item is imported, if you want to reimport it you need to delete the following files from the item's Resources/ folder:
  • *.model file from the root of the item's folder – this is the case for all reimports
  • *.anim and *.animtree files from Animations/ folder of the item's folder – if you want to reimport animations. You can also delete specific files if you need to reimport specific animations
  • *.mesh files from the Meshes/ folder of the item's folder – if you want to reimport geometry
  • *.skel file from Skeleton/ folder of the item's folder – if there are changes to the skeleton of the geometry
  • *.ktx files from Textures/ folder of the item's folder – if you want to reimport the texture files

Pro Tip!

Once an avatar is imported, you can adjust its textures/animations/geometry from the Assets/ folder. Animaze Editor will automatically see the change and reimport the asset so you can preview it as fast as possible. This works only when Animaze Editor is running, while when it’s not running, will not be automatically reimported.

Follow these steps to begin importing your model:

- Go to Assets menu and choose Import 3D Avatar

- Once imported, you can begin adding its textures and other needed components/materials

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