Use Tobii Eye Tracker With Animaze

Animaze Desktop: How can I configure my Tobii Eye tracker in Animaze ?

Starting with July 2021, you use your Tobii Eye tracker to stream with your avatar using the Animaze desktop app.

You can configure your Tobii Eye tracker using the following steps: 

First of all, go to Advanced Configuration, from the Profile menu

The following overrides turn OFF by default when turning on Tobii

  • Enable Look-at-Camera

  • Enable Look-at-Head

  • Enable Pupil Behavior 

Calibrate the trackers by pressing ctrl + C (This is a very important step!!!)

  • When the Tobii tracker is On, Ctrl+C calibrates the webcam tracker AND the Tobii tracker

  • To calibrate just Tobii, press ctrl + T

  • You can also open the Tobii Gaze feed from Advance Configuration -> Select Tracker tab

And here is a tutorial on how to setup your Tobii tracker 

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