Use Tobii Eye Tracker With Animaze

Animaze Desktop: How can use the Tobii Eye tracker in Animaze?

Use the  Tobii Eye tracker to have super  accurate gaze direction and  rigid head motion tracking (position and orientation). To get the best experience with the Tobii Eye tracker, follow the steps below: 

  1. Connect your Tobii Eye tracker to your PC

  2. Launch the Tobii Eye tracker control center / application

  3. In the Tobii Eye tracker application, click on Settings > Improve Calibration to calibrate the tracker

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the calibration

  5. Go to Animaze > Advanced Tracking Configuration > Select Trackers and scroll down in the list to find and activate the Tobii Eye tracker

  6. Toggle on the Gaze feed to see a visual representation of your eye movement and position. 

  7. In the event tracking is lost, turning the  Hold Pose on Tracking Lost toggle on makes the avatar hold its last valid pose if tracking is lost. Turn the Hold Pose on Track Lost toggle off to make the avatar revert to a neutral pose in the event tracking is lost. 

  8. The Reset on Tracking Lost Hold Time toggle allows you to set the time the avatar will hold its last valid pose until it resets to a neutral pose or a valid pose from a different tracker if Tobii Eye tracking is lost.

  9. Head Rotation Amplifier allows you to increase or decrease the ratio of your head rotation  input  to the avatar’s head rotation motion.

  10. Body Rotation Amplifier allows you to increase or decrease the ratio  of your body rotation input to the avatar’s body rotation motion.

  11. Click on Save to save the changes made to the Tobii Eye tracker

Tobii Eye tracker in Animaze

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