Animaze FAQ | What are the Animaze Editor functions?

What are the Animaze Editor functions?

The Animaze Editor features the following functions: 

• import 3D models that serve as Avatars (animated characters), Props (attachable to avatars or to the scene) and Scenes. Current format support is .FBX, but we will soon provide support for .VRM formats as well.

• edit, debug and adjust properties of the imported 3D models: 

  • animations 
  • materials 
  • pivot position and rotation 
  • scale 
  • combine different 3D models together 

• define item’s properties such as thumbnail, friendly names, descriptions. 

• create Particle Systems that can be attached to any item 

• create full 3D Scenes with light setup, skybox, sound sources and other items (e.g. props, particles systems) 

• bundle and upload the created items (Avatars, Props, Scenes) to the Animaze Storefront 

• preview created items in different scenarios directly in Animaze Editor. All previews are 1:1 with what’s displayed on every platform: Windows, iOS and Android. 

Note! Animaze Editor is not a 3D modeling software or a Character Creator.

All 3D models and textures will be imported using standard formats (.fbx for models and .tga.ktx.png.bmp for textures), which are exported from the 3D modeling software (and image manipulation software in case of textures) you are familiar with. The Animaze Editor adds tools to enhance and complete the 3D creations you import, with: particle systems, sounds and physics. 

As we continually improve the Animaze Editor, we add new features, improve existing features, and sometimes remove old ones, add corrections and missing content. These changes will be reflected in updates of the present manual.

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