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Commercial rights

Animaze’s rights management is simple. No small print. Use our tools and you keep what’s yours.

IP protection

Protect what’s yours with our built-in security tools, including digital watermarking.

Modeling & rigging

Easily import FBX models. We support importing both Maya and 3D Studio Max’s rigging formats.

Bespoke engineering

Our engineering team built Animaze to be extensible and happily offer support to customers with specific needs.

Software Development Kit

A full-stack solution that allows you to include interactive digital characters to your iOS, Android, or PC app with a simple set of cross platform APIs.

Custom Avatar Creation

We can work with you from ideation to creation or start with your pre-existing character.

Custom solutions from ideas to execution

Native Camp and digital teachers

Native Camp is one of the best ESL online tutoring schools in Japan. With more than 500,000 students and 13,000 teachers from over 110 countries, Native Camp is always looking for ways to create the most conducive environment for learning. Transforming the teachers into warm cuddly bears instantly put students at ease, promoting more class participation. Find out more about Native Camp.

Educating the future with Animaze and Green Our Planet

Green Our Planet runs the largest and one of the most comprehensive school garden programs in the United States. Getting kids involved in serious matters is hard work, so Green Our Planet has been using Animaze for easy and creative solutions that could help them boost interest. Using our comprehensive documentation and creative tools, Green Our Planet created their own custom avatar and started using it in fun, creative and, most important of all, educational content. Read more about Green Our Planet here.

Camp Bonkers and Animaze on entertaining happy campers

Camp Bonkers gives kids a virtual summer camp experience at home. This year’s experience, created by entertainment company Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, will give campers new YouTube content, a Roblox game, and an interactive destination website to get kids more involved in earning camper badges and rewards. At-home campers can get even more out of the experience by watching the Camp Bonkers counselors on YouTube to receive Roblox inside tips and watch them take-on Bonkers challenges, experiments, and crafts. Read more about Camp Bonkers here.

Turning NBA’s newest mascot, Mavrello into a media mogul

The Mark Cuban Experiments team has an ambitious goal - to create a team mascot that interacts with fans where they congregate - online. With just a 3D avatar, an iPhone, a voice actor the team was able to create fun, creative, and easily editable footage. The results were remarkable. The team whittled the production time from weeks to days - sometimes a day! Follow Mavrello's adventures here.

SPOP WAVE! and the masked singing avatar

SPOP WAVE! is a singing competition specially curated for local artists passionate about singing and searching for their big break. In the preliminary rounds, celebrity contestants kick off with a “masked singer” round, participate in exciting team battles, contend with unexpected mystery guests, and endure brutal knock-out rounds for a chance at a spot in the grand final! Catch a glimpse of the show here.

It's Puff Puff, the positive digital influencer

With an impressive over 3 million followers on TikTok, Puff Puff uses his social media presence to spread positivity and affirmations to his fans the world over. Puff Puff thrives in creating a consistent, simple, safe, and positive media channel in which fans love to tune in. If there’s anything the internet needs more of, it’s cute animals and positive messages. Catch Puff Puff’s adventures here.

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