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Animaze presents the Animaze Cafe animated background

Get your creativity flowing with Animaze's new animated background, Animaze Cafe.

This new background is an Iron Vertex collaboration, with special thanks due to our Iron Vertex long-time friends: Brian Tsui (Live2D rigging) and 7MDigital (illustratrion). 

Here's a sneak peek of what the background looks like in the app:


Animaze presents Animaze Rooms beta, the multiplayer feature

Get your avatar party mode on as Animaze is releasing the first iteration of Animaze Rooms, a multiplayer feature that is going to permit you and your friends to use your avatars at the same time, on the same screen! 

Animaze will give you the opportunity to be in the same digital room with other avatars directly in the Animaze app, at the same time. Bring your own identity, create a room, invite others and start messing around.

The feature is straightforward and easy to use, as you can learn about in the guide we prepared for you here. Bear in mind that this feature is in its first iteration and further improvements might be implemented over time. If you have any feedback on it or you think you would like something extra added to it, drop us a line at support [@] animaze [.] us or on our contact page and we will do our best. Animaze is a continuously developing app and its trajectory is always dictated by the community, so don’t be shy! 

15 days ago

Here's how you can transform into a digital cat with Animaze!

The internet is overtaken by cats more than usual so why not join them?

What would you say if we would give you the tools to transform yourself into a digital cat? Animaze gives you the tools to stream while playing video games (who knows, may even the newly launched Stray), wish your siblings a happy birthday on Skype, crush that presentation on Zoom, post a virtual class on YouTube, sing a song on Tik Tok - all as a cat avatar!

27 days ago

Go from script to screen with Animaze!

Your creativity and resources aren't aligned? How about using digital characters to do the work for you?

Get your script played out by AAA class avatars with the Animaze app! Animaze’s product and strategy experts can work with you to develop a tailored solution for your company’s creative needs.

You may ask yourself:

What avatars can I use?

Animaze has a team of talented artists who, over time, have produced numerous avatars. This means that your content can be made with either one of the Holotech Original Avatars. In the same time, if you want to opt for a custom avatar, you can do so by contacting us!  

How can I make video content with Animaze?

We've outlined some easy tips and tricks that will help you get the best video content with Animaze!

Here's an example of one of our own creations (and one of the best love stories ever!)

29 days ago

VTubing to #ConquerKidsCancer with St. Baldrick's and Animaze

VTubing to #ConquerKidsCancer! Start fundraising today at 

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, worldwide. Join VTubers all over the world and help #ConquerKidsCancer

As the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants, St. Baldrick's has awarded more than $310 million in childhood cancer research to 379 institutions in 29 countries.

A parent should never have to hear the words "your child has cancer" but if they do, they need to know that the best treatments and research is available.

Join our Discord server and head on to the St Baldricks section to get instant access to a group of amazing content creators and get the inside scoop on everything St. Baldrick's!

1 month ago

Become a digital influencer with Animaze's fashion avatars!

Looking for easy ways to become the NEXT BIG DIGITAL INFLUENCER

Look no further as Animaze has created a whole gang of fashion avatars that you can use for free! 

These awesome digital characters made their debuts at the L'Oreal Beauty Atelier, part of the VivaTech 2022 eventand are available on the Steam workshop: 

Tag #Animaze in your videos, we cannot wait what your videos are going to look like! 

Animaze fashion avatars

1 month ago

Animaze Presents 3 New Props: Magnifying Glass, Petrol Lamp, Megaphone

Happy release day, folks!

Are you looking for your digital character's next creative customization? Look no further as we present to you Animaze's 3 new props: Magnifying Glass, Petrol Lamp, and Megaphone!

Animaze present 3 new props

As always, we love hearing what you think about the new content and Animaze! Tell us what you’d like to see added to Animaze on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy Streaming,
The Holotech Team

3 months ago

The Animaze Desktop app is now available on!

Animaze is now available on

Using the Animaze app has just become easier than ever as Animaze is now available on our website,!

Our new and improved website will now offer users the opportunity to create accounts, purchase, or download for free the Animaze app! 

Animaze’s pricing plans have remained the same ones that our community has gotten used to. If you want to see all the perks and decide which one is right for you, we recommend you visit our breakdown right here. Until then, here’s a preview of what you can choose from:

Animaze Individual Subscriptions

Are you looking to spice up your video calls? You can use Animaze for free!

Forget bad hair days on Zoom and go on your video calls with a fun and creative digital character. You can choose from over 80 original avatars, build your own human-looking avatar by using our in-app character creator or the Ready Player Me creator which transforms your selfie into an avatar in a matter of clicks. If you already have a custom avatar, you can import it and play around with it in Animaze free of charge! 

Want to advance your streaming career? Try out Animaze Plus or Animaze Pro!

Round up your Twitch subscribers and stream as your favorite character! After an initial setup, that will give you the opportunity to choose from multiple advanced face, body, and audio trackers, you’ll be able to let your avatar’s emotions run free or even do a celebratory dance to welcome your new subscribers. You can use Animaze’s advanced settings and more with the Animaze Plus subscription ($3.99/month). Commercial streaming* with Animaze is possible with the Animaze Pro subscription ($9.99/month)

*Animaze Pro subscription is only needed if you already earn more than $6000 USD per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 USD per month). 

Do you already have an Animaze subscription and want to move it to a new account?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you wish to move the remaining time of your Steam bought subscription to the account created on all you have to do is:

  • Contact us at support [@] 
  • Provide us with screenshots that will show the remaining validity of your subscription and we’ll issue a special key for you
  • Log into your new account and activate the new Animaze key that’ll transfer the remaining validity

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, message us on Twitter, or drop a line on the Animaze website!

Happy streaming with Animaze! 

3 months ago

Animaze v1.25.10659 presents ARKit Interpretation Improvement and more!

We’re excited to present an update that will take your avatar’s expressivity to another level through Animaze’s ARKit interpretation improvements! This update also offers you a customizable intensity for the avatar’s idle pose and much more!

Update now and enjoy the following: 

  • ARKit Interpretation Improvements: Update the Animaze iOS app, connect your iPhone as a tracker in Animaze and get the most out of your avatar’s expressivity! Our new update will offer you avatar a smoother lip movement. If you decide to go back to the old settings, this can easily be done through Settings > Tracking Profile. 

Here’s a sneak peak of the tracking improvements: 

  • Inferred Body Yaw from Head Yaw movement: we have added an override option that infers the body yaw movement from the head yaw movement, to compensate the fact that camera based face-trackers do not track shoulder or upper body yaw movement. Go to Settings > Advanced Tracking Configurations > Overrides and locate Inferred Body Yaw option

  • Customizable Intensity for Avatar Idle Animation: controls the movement amplitude applied by the avatar’s idle animation. On Live2D avatars, the intensity factor will be applied on the idle animation as well as on the procedural breathing parameters (ParamBreath).

We have also worked on the following bug fixes and improvements: 

  • added support for a separate audio track for Video Exporter, currently, there’s no preview function.

  • fixed issues with emotes placement on VRM and RPM avatars

  • tweaks to RPM avatar retargeting

  • added pitch rotation movement controls

  • updated Ultraleap SDK

We are working on the following known issues:

  • Ultraleap neutral position (no hands detected) has the palms orientated forward

  • Only retexturing a prior customized persona will not prompt a save pop-up when saving

  • There’s a random bug that empties the background gallery after saving a light setup. Restarting the app will solve the issue.

  • While using Axis Perception Neuron tracker on Personas, some beards don’t properly retarget

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

4 months ago

Animaze Presents Angry, Sigh, Disappointed, Alarm and Panic Emotes!

Happy release day, folks!

Today we come to you with a release that is filled with emotions!

Update Animaze now and let your feelings out in your streams with our new emotes: angry, sigh, disappointed, alarm and panic:

6 months ago
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