Sony mocopiĀ®

The integration of Sony's mocopi in Animaze enables the use of a full-body tracking system with only six comfortable, lightweight sensors. Additionally, two extension bands are available to prioritize either upper-body or lower-body focused tracking.


The Voicemod integration offers a new level of interactivity and entertainment to avatar streaming, as you can set voice and sound effects to be triggered based on audience interactions such as subs, follows, keywords in chat, and raids.

Ready Player Me

Go from a selfie to streaming as your avatar self in just a couple of clicks as Animaze supports streaming and video-creation using Ready Player Me character!

Perception Neuron Motion Capture

With the Perception Neuron Motion Capture integration we are able to translate real-time human motions into your digital avatar's movements that can be interpreted and utilized for film special effects, animation

Visage Technologies Face tracking

Visage Technologies is a world-renowned provider of specialized face tracking, analysis and recognition solutions and custom development services.



Ultraleap's world-leading hand tracking captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements. Real interaction, in real-time, applied on your Animaze avatar movements!

Tobii Eye Tracking

The next generation of head tracking and eye tracking, engineered specifically for PC users to enhance the experience of each and every game.