Animaze Desktop: Animaze Commercial Rights

Animaze Desktop: Animaze Commercial Rights

1. Individual Creators:

The Animaze VIP subscription allows individual creators with large audiences to publish content made with Animaze.  If you generate more than $500 USD per month (or equivalent) from your Animaze content, you need an Animaze VIP subscription.  If you generate less than $500 USD per month from Animaze content, then you may use any version of Animaze, including the free version.

In the event you terminate your Animaze VIP subscription, you do not need to remove the Animaze content you posted with an active VIP subscription. However, if you are still making more than $500 USD a month from Animaze content, you will not be allowed to publish any new Animaze content until you reactivate your VIP subscription.

Please email us at if you are uncertain if you require commercial rights.

2. Commercial Use for Businesses:

If you want to use Animaze for business purposes, you need an enterprise license and cannot use the standard version of Animaze. Business purposes include, but are not limited to, promoting your products/services, creating live event/booth activations, and/or live Streaming.

Please email our support, to discuss using Animaze for business purposes.

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