Animaze FAQ | Can I use NFTs in Animaze?

Animaze Desktop: Can I use NFTs in Animaze?

Animaze supports importing many types of 3D model data as long as it is built according to its tech specs, no matter how it was procured, via a regular purchase, commission, or an NFT.

Animaze does not integrate with any blockchain on its own to attest ownership, nor does it enable crypto transactions of any kind.

Our stance on NFTs is this:  

The tech itself is interesting and has potential. Allowing 3D and 2D artists to have a cut into a resale of a digital asset they’ve created, in perpetuity, is great for the sustainability of independent art. Decentralized ownership ledgers of unique digital collectible assets are also great. However, so far there has been a lot of misuse of that potential which prompted us to keep some distance. What has been happening in the initial gold-rush phase, the hype-driven valuation of assets that have little inherent value other than what was hyped up by celebrities has been deeply problematic.

We will only collaborate with teams that are genuinely thinking about using the tech to enable these long-term benefits for the artists/creators, and their clients/art collectors.

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