All About Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23

What is Animaze Plus/Pro 23?

Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23 are one-time purchase DLCs for the Steam version of Animaze that offer lifetime subscription perks and receive updates for content and feature up to August 2023.

Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23 have been granted for free to all Steam Animaze supporters that have or had an active yearly subscription (or monthly equivalent) prior to the DLCs release date on the 22nd of May 2023. Additionally, all Animaze Plus/Pro 22 owners (of the old DLC, before the new DLC release date) have received their 23 version for free too. As a special bonus, all legacy FaceRig Pro users have also been granted the Animaze Pro 23 DLC.

If you’re interested in what’s new from the previous iteration of this one-time purchase, the Animaze Plus/Pro 22, follow this faq: [link]. The tl;dr is that you’d be getting a year’s worth of new features (15+ new features) and content (30+ new assets).

Lifetime subscription perks you get with Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23:

  • Ability to remove the watermark

  • Animaze Virtual Camera refresh rate increased to 60 FPS

  • Dedicated capture window with true alpha channel and Spout2 support

  • Unlimited Twitch actions

  • Export video with MP4 encoder (MPEG is free tier)

  • Access to the entire Animaze art slate including avatars, backgrounds, props, and more:

    • 80+ customizable avatars

    • 35+ customizable backgrounds

    • 90+ customizable accessories

  • (applies to Animaze Pro 23) Pro-Streamer commercial rights for streamers earning $500+ per month/$6000 + per year 

  • (applies to Animaze Pro 23) Access to select Holotech Originals content sources of your choice, enabling you to modify the original avatar/background/prop to better complement your identity (up to 2 avatars, 5 accessories, 2 backgrounds and 3 emotes).

Animaze Plus 23 - Lifetime License is 34.99$ on Steam

Animaze Pro 23 - Lifetime License is 149.99$ on Steam. Animaze Pro 23 - Lifetime License is only needed if you earn more than $6000 per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 per month).

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