All About Animaze Plus 22

What is Animaze Plus 22?

We greatly encourge to take a look at the latest iteration of the lifetime license: Animaze Plus 23

Animaze Plus 22 is a one-time purchase app that will help you create your digital avatar in just a few clicks. This app is a feature-locked version of the Animaze app and it is a strong choice for casual streamers. 

The app is available exclusively on Steam as a DLC of the main Animaze app. 

If you have previously subscribed to Animaze Plus for at least a year, you will be able to have access to the Animaze Plus 22 app for free. 

Animaze Plus 22 is available for a one time payment of $24.99 (20% off original price) and offers:

  • Remove the watermark 

  • Stream at 60+ FPS 

  • Dedicated capture window

  • Export video as MP4 

  • Access the entire August 22  Animaze art slate: including avatars, backgrounds, props, and more 

If you wish to opt for the recurrent updates, and new app features and to support the team in charge of developing the Animaze products, check out the Animaze subscriptions!

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