Animaze FAQs | Animaze subscriptions vs one-time payment products

What’s the difference between the Animaze subscriptions and the one-time purchase DLCs?

The one-time purchase Animaze products, Animaze Plus 22, the perfect app for casual streamers, and Animaze Pro 22, which includes commercial rights for professional streamers, are feature-locked versions of the Animaze app. This means that these Steam exclusive DLCs will grant you permanent access to the features the Animaze app had in August 2022, without any further updates.

The Animaze subscriptions will continue to benefit from updates as well as serve as the only way to access Animaze online features that require the Animaze servers (multiplayer or the expanding avatar library). If you wish to opt for the recurrent updates, and new app features and to support the team in charge of developing the Animaze products, this is the way to go!

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