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Animaze Desktop: Why aren’t avatars from FaceRig DLC's visible in Animaze?

Porting avatars to the brand new engine used in Animaze is an intricate process, both technically and legally, and so we weren’t able to bring all of FaceRig’s original avatars into Animaze.

 In consequence, we made surveys on what avatars were the most popular, like Fluffo, Doge, Lord Burgor, Midori, Ardalys and others. 

If you want any of the FaceRig DLC avatars (we can only send avatars from the DLCs that contain Holotech original avatars, and not avatars like TF2, Octodad, Pewdiepie etc.) in Animaze, send an email to support[@]animaze[.]us and our artists will prepare their files and we’ll send them to you, after which you must convert them before importing them into Animaze

If you have your own avatar and you want to import it into Animaze, you can do so by following our conversion guides, available HERE.

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