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Animaze Desktop: How can I use props?

Animaze includes dozens of customizable Props, including - hats, glasses, and mustaches that you can attach to 3D and hybrid avatars. Below you can see how you can add Props to your avatar:

1. Click on the Props button in the left menu

2. The Props drawer will open. In this drawer, items are sorted by the categories: Hats, Headphones, Glasses, Moustaches, and Holdables.

Animaze Props types and customizations

3. Click on a Prop to attach it onto your avatar. Use the size and axis sliders to get the prop to fit perfectly. Make your props stand out by customizing the prop’s colors and textures (see below on how to change the texture).

Animaze Props types and customization

4. When you are ready, click Save to apply your customized Props to your avatar

Animaze Props types and customization

If you change your mind and want to remove props, click the no prop  button.

Animaze Props types and customization

For more information on adding custom textures to your Prop, check out our Prop retexturing FAQ.

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