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The Animaze SDK supports Windows, Android, and iOS.

Optimized for Real-Time Communication

The Animaze SDK provides the means to use the animated avatars in any real-time communication scenario (e.g. video chat, live-streaming).

Multi-Tracker/Multi-Sensor Support

The Animaze SDK provides the means to add, remove and combine sensors and tracking technologies – including face tracking, hand tracking, audio tracking, and body tracking.

Multi-Avatar Support

The Animaze SDK provides the means to render and animate several avatars at a time.

Creator Driven

The Animaze SDK comes with a specialized Model Editor that imports common modeling and animation formats and enables artists to customize materials, physics, particle systems, etc.

SDK Use Cases

The Animaze Software Development Kit enables any developer or business to add digital characters to their application, game, or to enhance the overall user experience of your product. Find your perfect fit or contact us and our specialists will help you with a custom solution!

Video Conference

Video Conference

Dedicated digital character communication infrastructure that can be integrated into video conferencing applications of your choice.
Messenger App

Messenger App

Leverage avatar technology to optimize and customize messenger applications for unique user experiences.
Karaoke App

Karaoke App

Help your users morph into a digital character of their choice and offer them the opportunity to have a karaoke experience that they won’t forget.

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