Animaze FAQ Report an issue that is not found in the FAQ list

Animaze Desktop: What to do if I have an issue that is not in the FAQ?

If you encounter an issue not covered in the FAQs, please let us know! Here's how you can contact us:

  1. contact form
  2. email us at support[at]

Get the best response by offering valuable info on your issue

  • if there's an avatar, background, or prop import issue provide the item's source files.
  • if your avatar, background or prop doesn't look as expected, provide a screenshot with the desired outcome.
  • if there's a crash. please send us the Animaze.log and dxdiag. Here's a guide that helps with gathering the logs.
  • if there's a subscription issue, please provide the receipt of the transaction.
  • if there's an account issue, please provide the Animaze account email used.
  • in general, describing the steps to replicating the issue greatly helps. A video or screenshot also helps a lot.

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