What is the difference between Animaze Plus/Pro 22 and 23?

What is the difference between Animaze Plus/Pro 22 and 23?

We’ve been busy this past year, we have added a multitude of features and content. Additionally, we’ve added fixes and tweaks to every part of the Animaze app and platform.

… and we’re still cooking!

Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23 are the 2023 iteration of the lifetime licenses (or one-time-payment options) that include all Animaze live service app updates (avatars, props, backgrounds, and features), up to August 2023, while the Animaze Plus/Pro 22 was updated up to August 2022.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23 and what is missing from Animaze Plus/Pro 22:


Update TypeDescriptionPreview

Props Content

Wings and Carryables

Avatar Content

Nuri the Dragon

Avatar Content


Avatar Content

Chleo Bancroft

Avatar Content

New Fruits and Veggies - Lime, Banana, Cucumber and Pumpkin.

Avatar Content

Finalized TF2 roster - added Sniper, Demoman and Spy

Animations Content

over 30 new dances and idle animations can be used on all humanoid avatars (VRM and Ready Player Me avatars work out of the box)

Personas Content

new clothing options




Animaze Rooms - collab with fellow vtubers or chat with friends directly in Animaze. Don’t worry about avatar types, Animaze Rooms brings Live2D, VRM, Ready Player Me, Holotech Originals, and custom 3D avatars together at the same time.

support for VRM 1.0 and PerfectSync autodetection

VMC Protocol


nVidia Maxine Tracker for face and shoulders tracking

Sony Mocopi full body tracker


Scene Stickers - 2D images that you can plaster in your scene in the foreground or in the background

Live Feed (through Spout2) & Animated GIFs Customization - can be applied to everything: Avatars, Props, Scene Stickers, Backgrounds, Emotes, Light Projectors, etc.

Dreamoc Holographics Rendering support

Voicemod Controls (voice changer, sound board) - can be used with Twitch Actions

Camera Controls & Quickscenes camera transitions


Quickscenes updates - granular control, infinite slots, transitions (camera movement, frame dissolve, frame fade)


Animaze API - control Animaze functions through external clients


Animaze Programmable Tracker - hook your own face tracker tech to Animaze Avatar


Over 100 fixes and performance tweaks to virtually all Animaze features



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