There are quite a few methods of capturing video content from Animaze, in this article, we’ll focus on three of them, with differences being video resolutions, framerates, and pipeline speed.

This article is intended for video content creators or teams with a video content creation pipeline that includes concepts, scripts, video sources, and editing. The article provides info on getting the best video sources from Animaze.

Best results require an Animaze Subscription (Plus or Pro) unlocking the following:

  • watermark removal.

  • .mp4 (x264 video codec) video file format export option. In the free version, the .mpeg format is available.

  • access to Dedicated Capture Window which allows capturing the rendered frame from Animaze without the UI.

Why .mp4 video file format?

Arguably the most popular video container, on the more technical side, the h264 video codec used is what matters. Exporting .mp4 videos from Animaze will solve the current issues with the free mpeg-1 video codec:

  • very lossy compression, videos look pixelized

  • limited to low framerate values due to bitrate limitation

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