Find your digital voice

Animaze partners up with voice-changing technology Voicemod! Get Voicemod here

Animaze x Voicemod

Find your digital voice

World-leading providers of voice-changing technology and creative audio avatars, Voicemod, and Animaze partner up to help you get the most out of your digital character!

Unleash the Power of AI Voices

The Animaze - Voicemod integration will offer a much-appreciated depth to your avatar by complementing your visual persona with the matching voice it was missing. This will be possible through tens of voice effects

Countless voice effects

Use Voicemod voice effects in Animaze and play sound memes directly within the app, pairing them with triggering special actions, special poses, idle animations, emotes, and even quick scenes. The Voicemod voices and sounds can be saved in quickscenes and also separately keybinded to 10 distinct slots.

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