Basic Usage - Chat with the Animaze AI Avatar

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You can easily add an AI Brain to your favorite avatar with the Animaze ChatPal feature. All VTuber-ready or face-tracking compliant avatars can become AI Agents or AI Sidekicks.

Imagine the incredible opportunities this brings: learning fascinating new things, receiving tutoring on a variety of subjects, crafting engaging video scripts, watching your sidekick bring those scripts to life, letting your sidekick interact with your Twitch chat, and even getting an endless supply of hilarious jokes for your audience. The possibilities truly know no bounds!


Avatar creators, you can use your VTuber assets pipelines to create avatars for Animaze ChatPal/AI Agents. Start your assets creation journey from here.


Animaze ChatPal uses OpenAI API for the language model, which requires your API key (a simple step-by-step guide is present in-app on how to obtain the key). The API usage limits and rates fall under OpenAI terms of use. You can check: OpenAI Platform

Usage Guide

Here’s a breakdown of a simple chat usage with the Animaze Avatar:

  1. Start Animaze

  2. Find and click the Animaze ChatPal button → this will open the conversation chat panel

  3. Toggle the Connect button or skip to the next step

  4. Type something or use the text to speech (voice recognition) button to directly speak to the Animaze Avatar

  5. Have fun

Once the ChatPal or AI Agent takes over the avatar, all real-time tracking systems will shut down.


There is a fair amount of options to customize your experience:

  1. Change ChatPal’s Voice from Settings > Animaze ChatPal > Select ChatPal Voice. Animaze uses the Microsoft Windows Speech tech, so additional voices can be added through the Windows Speech Settings.

  2. Avatar and Scenes are fully customizable and you can also import your own custom creation.

  3. prompt hacking or adding more context to your conversational AI. Animaze uses ChatGPT as the conversational AI or LLM, so all tricks you use with ChatGPT should work with Animaze ChatPal.

  4. ChatPal can be further customized through a configuration file, that is detailed here. This is for the tinkerers and advanced users.

  5. additionally, the animation responses on the Avatar can also be customized through a dedicated config file that is detailed here. This is for the tinkerers and advanced users that want to further tweak the AI Sidekick or Agent.

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