Actor Usage - The Echo function

Animaze ChatPal has an echo function which enables you to let the Avatar act out something that you write. This method doesn’t use the conversational AI at all, it only uses the text-to-speech functionality with all the animation magic Animaze adds to the rendered avatar.

The echo function allows you to also add emotions (joy, sad, surprise, etc.) and gestures (hello, nodding yes and no) to your prompt, which will tell the Animaze avatar how to act out the given script.

Use the command line prompt “-echo <text>“ to activate the echo function. Here’s a small example:

-echo [joy] Hi! I’m Fluffo and this is a test script that I can act out. [fear] I’m really afraid of spiders, I don’t like them at all, no, no, no!

If you need more info on emotions and gestures tags follow the Advanced Configuration doc.

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