Animaze supports importing GLB/GLTF 3D model format, although it interprets it as a Ready Player Me avatar, so it needs to adhere to that standard in terms of Blendshapes/Morph Targets names, Skeletal Joints (name and orientations) and default pose.

Only the model’s blendshapes identified by specific names are used to map the face expressions, no skeletal animations are needed.

Skeletal joints identified by specific names are used for:

  • head and body movements (yaw, pitch, roll)

  • eyes look-at movement

  • a simplified idle pose

  • a breathing motion

  • full body tracking (through Axis Perception Neuron tracker)

  • hands tracking (through Leap Motion tracking and gamepad puppeteering)

  • general animations retargeting (special actions and idle animations)

It is recommended you also consider the standard Ready Player Me model as a source of inspiration, an already created avatar can be found here. If you are interested in creating a new personalized avatar, you can use the creator.

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