Steps in creating your own 2D avatar

The purpose of this guide, is to provide the path you need to follow to create your own 2D model, using our site documentation and the external Cubism software. 

Open the links of each section for better understanding the necessary steps in building an avatar and further adjust it in Animaze Editor. 

The info in each link is subject to future amendments, as we further develop the Animaze apps and systems.

Step 1

Cubism Editor & file formats

On this link you can find the path to install the Cubism editor, structure of files, useful external tutorial links to get you started, explanations about the formats of the files you need to create and tips.


Step 2

Animaze Specifics

Read this overview about specifics of the Animaze systems, how they gather and operate the Live2D data, and additional data that can be configured within the Animaze Editor.

Learn about Live2D Model Requirements & Animation Standards here, also providing the sources of a sample 2D avatar at the end of the Extended Parameter Set

Special Actions and Motion Parameters are explained here. If your goal is creating more complex mouth movements for your model, then check this part of our documentation as well. 


Step 3 

Import the model in Animaze Editor

When all your files are ready, start the import process in the Animaze Editor. Read about the steps to do that here. Learn to debug your model using the info on this link.

Configure the Special Actions and Poses with the help of this tutorial.

Walk through the process of configuring the Leap Motion Controller, for enriching your experience with hands-tracking here.


Idle animation

Learn how to create a looping idle animation for a background, by reading this tutorial.

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