Live2D Retargeting Overrides

The Editor enables artists to custom map tracking animations to animation inputs. Currently only working for Live2D Avatars.

Steps to add it on a 2D model:

1. Select the Live2D avatar from the Hierarchy Panel

2. In the Editor Panel, open Live2D Options and then Retargeting Overrides

3. Click Add Override and select a Live2D Animation Input you want to retarget. For the purpose of this guide, we selected ParamEarLOn.

4. Now add a tracking input that you want to retarget by clicking the Add Input button. We chose JawDrop for the purpose of this guide.

5. It will look like this:

6. In Avatar Puppeteering (Tools > Avatar Puppeteering), toggle the MouthOpen expression and see the effects on the avatar. When setting Mouth open to 1, the left ear will show up.

That’s all. The system enables you to also add more than one tracking input to retarget (by default, use as a weighted sum) or even use other operations on the tracking inputs such as min, max, or inverse sum.

We have also prepared a motion output parameters list for you, the avatar creator for custom-animating your avatars in Animaze. You will likely want to refer to this list to custom-map aspects like Hand Motion from Ultraleap (Leap Motion) on your custom Live2D avatar (and more). 

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