Getting started with hybrid avatars

Wanting to simplify the avatar building process, we have taken the best of what we have learned so far and merged it into the easiest 2D and 3D technologies combined: hybrid avatar. 

This kind of hybrid construction combines the technology used to make a 2D face, which means simplifying the process of rigging, animating, and overlapping, with the body construction process of a 3D avatar. 

This new process wishes to open up more possibilities for the artists who want to make an avatar, but don’t have the technical skills to draw or model. The hybrid avatar allows you to build an avatar from an image you have, which can be transformed into.

For example, in order to build a Manga character making a hybrid avatar would be the easiest solution, considering the face of that kind of avatar is rather simple, would be to use the easy 2D constructions for face building.

As a teaching resource for getting familiar with these kinds of assets, we provide the sources of hybrid avatar Miss Peach, on this link. These include the read-for-import .fbx file, and the cubism resources, which you will need to paste into the \Resources folder of Animaze Editor. Follow this tutorial to assemble Miss Peach.

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