Educating the future with Animaze and Green Our Planet

Educating the future with Animaze and Green Our Planet

Educating the future with Animaze and Green Our Planet

In 2013, founders of nonprofit “Green Our Planet,” Kim MacQuarrie and Ciara Byrne, asked themselves “How can you use filmmaking, the internet and fundraising to help conservation?”. This launched a quest much bigger than they ever expected.  

Green Our Planet now runs the largest and one of the most comprehensive school garden programs in the United States. Green Our Planet’s mission is to help conserve, protect, and improve the environment through education, which includes building outdoor and indoor gardens in schools so that students in PreK-12th grade schools can learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), nutrition and conservation.

Green Our Planet and Animaze

Getting kids involved in serious matters is hard work, so Green Our Planet has been looking for easy and creative solutions that could help them boost interest. This is how the nonprofit came accross Animaze!

Green Our Planet created educational videos and materials using Animaze's characters and backgrounds, emotes and special actions, to teach students about the planet, flora and fauna. Using our comprehensive documentation, they created their own custom avatar and started using it in fun, creative and, most important of all, educational content.

Here's what Kevin Leadingham, Supervising Producer of Green Our Planet, has to say about this experience so far: 

Our team was looking for innovative ways to make videos that better educate today’s ever-evolving student body. Then we happened upon the Animaze website and platform, and it blew us away. We immediately did a test video using the Animaze software and some Avatars they allow you to use in their program. The result was an exciting animated journey that helped teach first graders what it means to be alive. All told by a shark, an otter, an owl, and a sunflower. And since it was made by our filmmaking team that had little experience in the animation/avatar space, it was an even more amazing feat. Truly, Animaze has the potential to be a big player in the world of educational video content... and beyond. I can’t recommend it enough. 


2 years ago
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