Animaze v1.26.11886 - February update

Animaze v1.26.11886 - February update

Animaze v1.26.11886 - February update

Hello animazing folks,

We appreciate the feedback we received from YOU, our community.
So we've updated Animaze with a few tweaks and fixes.

Check them out here:
 -fixed issue with generic idles which disabled head and body tracking (fixed for VRM and RPM avatars only)

 -added in-app additional info and visual cues (including usage tips and quirks) for owners of Animaze Plus/Pro DLCs

 -Animaze Rooms improvements:
   *fixed issue with iPhone Tracker (ARKit) Direct Expression Mapping that applied on all joining avatars
   *added option to use local client Overrides on all joining avatars (Profile > Rooms Profile Options > Use local Overrides on joining Avatars). This enables local user to make all        joining avatars look at the current render camera and other effects.
   *camera positioning will not reset when a new avatar joins the room if the avatar or camera have been moved.
   *other placement tweaks.
 -added two new options to Axis Perception Neuron retargeting

 -fixed an issue with retexturing using an image file with the a name that is already used
   *fixed hip bone - avatar doesn’t move around the scene, stays in a fixed position
   *upper body only - Axis is retargeted only on the upper part of the avatar, the lower part will display the current idle.

 -fixed shadows rendering issues on skin-like surfaces

 -added camera FOV controls. FOV value is also saved in Quickscenes.

Let us know what you think on Discord, Twitter, or via email at Your feedback is vital in shaping this roadmap!

Happy Streaming,
The Holotech Team

1 year ago
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