Animaze Leap Motion tracker GIVEAWAY

Win a Leap Motion Controller!

Animaze Leap Motion tracker GIVEAWAY

Raise the roof and shoot your airguns, Animaze now supports Ultraleap hand tracking!

We've put together some guides so you can get the best tracking experience out of the gate!

Click the link below to enter for a chance to win your very own Leap Motion Controller!

Enter to Win a Free Leap Motion Controller

 Coming soon - Animaze x Twitch

We're working on a feature that uses Twitch events to trigger actions in Animaze. For example, if you gain 10 subs in a stream, you can program Animaze to automatically trigger an emote, avatar change, and more! Sign up if you are interested in testing and providing feedback!

Join the Beta Test for Twitch Integration


Tobii Eye Tracker available in Animaze 

   5% Discount on Tobii Eye Trackers! 

   Get precision tracking on your avatar's head and eyes with a Tobii Eye Tracker. Use the code Animaze at checkout for a 5% discount. 

   Buy HERE a Tobii Tracker


Tell us what you think about Animaze by Facerig!

   Tell Us what you think!

Share your thoughts on Discord or by leaving us a Steam review (if you haven't already). If you have, you can always update an old review too. We really appreciate how involved you all are in our little (but growing!) Animaze community. Positive reviews help more people discover and love Animaze. 

 Write your review here



10% off on Ultraleap controllers!


10% Discount on Leap Motion Controllers!

Add hand tracking to your avatar by updating Animaze, and plugging in your Leap Motion Controller.

Use the code Animaze at check out for a 10% discount. Offer available thru September 1 

Buy a Leap Motion Controller


Meet Keex the Robot!


Robot Invasion

I swear I am not here to take your job!

Read more about the robot here


Watch our new trailer!


Upgrades To Our Artist Documentation

We've updated the documentation on Motion Parameter Lists

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