Animaze v 1.26.11672 presents Live Feed customizations and more

Animaze v 1.26.11672 presents Live Feed customizations and more

Animaze v 1.26.11672 presents Live Feed customizations and more

Happy update day, Animaze community!

Get ready to upgrade your streams as Animaze has just started supporting Live Feed customizations for your Animaze content!

Today’s update also includes lots of other exciting new features like the ability to set GIFs as backgrounds, advanced Face & Shoulders Tracking through the Maxine SDK, and much more. Here’s the breakdown of the new main features:

  • Live Feed customizations through Spout2: What would you say if we told you that you can include your Twitch Chat in your Animaze stream onto a sticker? Or that you can retexture your avatar’s fur to showcase any live feed that you want? This is possible with our new Spout2 integration that allows you to use Spout2 sources for Scene Stickers and Avatar/Prop retexturing

Find out how you can put this feature to work in your streams right here.

  • Animated GIFs customizations: With this feature, you will be able to let your creativity run free and upload gifs for all image-based customizations such as:
    • Scene Stickers
    • Avatars/Props retexturing
    • Backgrounds
    • Emotes
  • Maxine SDK Support for Face & Shoulders Tracking capabilities: In simple terms, this alpha version integration will provide you with an extended embodiment experience that will make shoulder tracking possible. This is made possible through NVIDIA hardware (RTX series NVIDIA graphics card) and software (NVIDIA AR SDK). 

In order to get your avatar’s shoulders to shrug we’ve prepared a useful guide right here.

We have also included the following bug fixes and improvements: 

- added Breath as a separate animation input which can be customized through Settings > Advanced Tracking Configuration > Overrides > Breathing Behavior. Currently, works out of the box with VRM, ReadyPlayerMe and Live2D avatars (that have the ParamBreath parameter).
- added support for VRM 1.0 (beta version).

- increased number of resolution options for Animaze Video Exporter.

- fixed issues with general special actions that ended in the wrong idle animation.

- optimized how general special actions and idle animations apply on Persona avatars. This optimization will also decrease loading times.

- added a change log drawer in Settings.

- added Window Aspect Ratio option in Settings > Video Graphics, which keeps the Animaze window at a fixed ratio while resizing it. This is especially helpful for keeping the Animaze Virtual Camera feed consistent when resizing the main Animaze window.

- added two features for Dreamoc rendering: a dedicated Scene that has an overlay that fades to black and a dedicated lighting setup and side views camera offset sliders

- added camera controls on gamepad, active when camera movement is active (F2 - chase camera, F3 - fly camera).
additional displacement options for X/Y/Z axes on Enhanced Body Movement override.

- fixed issue with mesh colliders.

- idle animations are now properly saved in quickscenes.

- removed Animations panel (keybinds still work) from video preview recording.

- fixed an issue where the tongue would not work through the ARKit Bridge.

- fixed issue where idle animations keybinds would not work without opening the Animations drawer first

- fixed issue with Scene Sticker renaming.

The following issues are still being worked on with a high priority: 

- This update requires the iOS application to be updated as well. Because the ARKit bridge (iPhone-powered tracking) is dependent on the App Store rollout time of the update which might not be perfectly synchronized with the Windows one, there is a possibility that iPhone tracking might be temporarily affected by it. Take into consideration postponing the update on the Animaze apps by keeping them offline or consider updating them both at the same time. If you find yourself in a situation where the iOS app will not update, please try reinstalling the app.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

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