Visage Technologies Face Tracker Upgrade

Visage Technologies Face Tracker Upgrade

Hello animazing community,

We're excited to bring to you Animaze with an improved webcam face-tracking library from Visage Technologies. What you'll likely notice right away is that it has less jitter and requires less smoothing, allowing you to enable a snappier mo-cap experience from your advanced tracking settings.

We are also applying what we have learned with auto-generating avatar motions and gestures on Chatpal, to enable an improved "no-cam" mode for streamers that want to drive things with just their voice.

Desktop Changelog
  • updated the default webcam face tracker Visage SDK, which significantly reduces tracking jitter.
  • Animaze ChatPal updates
    • fixed issue with the start of talking behavior on cloud voices which activated too early, the behavior should start at the right time now.
    • fixed gestures and emotions being ignored if they are at the very start of the phrase, on very short phrases with single gesture/emotion.
  • updated the MToon shader for VRM 1.0, newly imported VRM 1.0 avatars should be shaded correctly now.
  • disabled texture resizing when importing user images (for any type of customization); before, textures were clamped to the application render size.
  • fixed Ultraleap freezing issue if you use general special actions and interrupt them with the avatar's dedicated idle.
  • for VRM and GLB models, on import, we are removing ARKit eyes look-at blendshapes (e.g. EyeLookDownLeft) specifically for the meshes that are skinned by the eyeLeft/eyeRight joints. For VRM and GLB-sourced avatars, the eyes are animated procedurally by rotating the eye joints, applying blendshapes over this would only apply a double transform and make the end result inaccurate and/or distorted.
  • added Animaze Webcamless Face & Body Extension (activable from Settings > Advanced Tracking Configuration > Select Trackers) which adds dynamic facial expressions and body movements to your avatar without the need for face or body trackers. Some movements are derived or applied based on the audio tracker. Effectively, we’ve added the Animaze Chatpal procedural behaviors for real-time use with audio tracking.

Editor Changelog
  • updated the MToon shader for VRM 1.0, newly imported VRM 1.0 avatars should be shaded correctly now.

As always, we love hearing what you think about the new content and Animaze! Tell us what you’d like to see added to Animaze on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy Streaming,
The Holotech Team

10 months ago
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