Animaze API

Animaze API

Animaze API

Hackers, Makers, and Tinkerers, this one is for you!

The Animaze API and Programmable Tracker (  are out today.

You can now use Animaze as an avatar visualization layer for your projects, whether they are about tracking/computer vision, or conversational AI agents, by using the Animaze API, Programable Tracker, and/or VMC protocol layer, you can have a kick-ass fully articulated avatar representation on screen in no time!

The Animaze API enables 3rd party apps or hobby developers to control certain functions (e.g. load avatar) or get certain info (e.g. list of ready to use avatars) of/from the Animaze Desktop application to create your own Metaverse experience with virtual avatars. 

The Animaze API supports actions that send a command and receive a response. 

Actions that are available:

  • Load Avatar

  • Load Scene

  • Get Avatars

  • Get Scenes

  • Get Item Icon

  • Get Emotes

  • Trigger Emote

  • Get Special Actions

  • Get Poses

  • Trigger Pose

  • Get Idle Anims

  • Trigger Idle

  • Get Quickscenes

  • Load Quickscene

  • Save Quickscene

  • Calibrate Tracker

  • Broadcast

  • Set Camera Transform

  • Get Camera Transform

  • Set Camera Fov

  • Get Camera Fov

More information on how to set is up here:

Let us know what you think on ,, or via email at support[@] 

Your feedback is vital to a small team like ours!


The Holotech Team

1 year ago
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