Animaze 1.26.12617 now live with improved Sony mocopi® support and more!

Animaze 1.26.12617 now live with improved Sony mocopi® support and more!

Animaze 1.26.12617 now live with improved Sony mocopi® support and more!

Hello Awesome People!

We're happy to announce that the Animaze update featuring enhanced support for the Sony mocopi® sensor is now live on the main branch.
Thank you to everyone who tested it on the Next Version preview last week.

Using Sony mocopi you can enjoy fast, accurate body motions in both full-body and upper-body modes, overcoming the typical limitations of video-based body tracking. Animaze is now an official partner of Sony mocopi.
Three Raynos-chan avatars are also preinstalled in Animaze.

Here is where you can read more about Sony mocopi.

Here is a video on connecting the mocopi app to Animaze PC.
How to Connect Sony mocopi® to Animaze - YouTube

If you have multiple network adapters (real or virtual), you may need to use Windows tools like ipconfig to find your PC's correct IP address, instead of simply copying over the autodetected one. Also, ensure to allow the connection in your firewall settings.

Animaze changelog:

- added a smoothing option to chase camera mode (F2) for improving full-body filming control,
- added an animation mirror and a smoothing option to the Sony mocopi tracker, useful if you want to Left-Right mirror your body motion capture data, but don’t want to mirror any writing or - branding that you might have on your avatar.
- fixed a bug where Sony mocopi implementation reported an initialization error when the local IP has changed between sessions,
- fixed a bug where some trackers were not properly reporting the tracking frequency,
- fixed a bug specific to Tobii eye tracker 4C not properly initializing,
- fixed a bug with VRM tail tips not showing properly,
- fixed a bug where UI prompts to install an older Ultraleap generation driver even if the new Ultraleap Hyperion service is already installed,
- fixed a bug with look-at-camera, enhanced body motion and inferred yaw behaviors on some VRM avatars,
- fixed a bug where the import button was not being shown on the standalone version,
- fixed a bug where the Manage Subscription button was not being shown,
- various aesthetic changes to the Sony mocopi tracker UI

Thank you for supporting indie VTubing engine alternatives.
The Animaze team (Dragos, Alex and Catalin).

1 month ago
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