Animaze Roadmap: Early Access and Beyond

Animaze Roadmap: Early Access and Beyond

Hello Awesome Folks!

The Animaze Early Access launch is just the start of our journey with Animaze. Here is a peek into what features are in development, research, or on our minds on the road to Animaze 1.0 and beyond. Keep in mind that this list is not complete. We have some surprises in store for you too!

Features to be Released by v1.0 (Q1 2021):

(Planned for release during Early Access)

Hybrid Avatars: Documentation and full support for 3D models with Live2D surfaces as textures (such as our Eggplant avatar)

Avatar and Prop Retexturing: Change prop and avatar textures without needing a model reimport

Edit Light Setups: Easily customize lighting for any background.

Audio-Based Lip Sync: Animate your avatar’s mouth with the sound of your speech.

Features & Benefits For Live2D Creators:

(Planned for release during Early Access)

Extended Parameter Set for Live2D Avatars: Enable new parameters for Live2D models to make them even more expressive 

30% Off Live2D Cubism For Animaze Subscribers [Limited Time]: Everyone who purchases any Animaze subscription on or before December 1, 2020, is entitled to a coupon for 30% off annual and 3-year subscriptions of Live2D Cubism! Click here for more details.

Virtual Background Contest: A special illustration contest with exciting rewards from Live2D and Holotech is coming soon! Stay tuned for more details next week.

There are other Live2D specific surprises too :). Stay tuned.

Features Currently in R&D:

(Could be ready during Early Access, but may take longer)

Improved Voice Effects: More natural-sounding voice effects and voice changers

VRM/VRoid Format Support: Easily use .VRM models in Animaze

Hand Tracking: Control an avatar's hands by moving your hands

Long Term Initiatives:

(No release date yet, may or may not be released)

Branded Props & Avatars: Addition of avatars and props from your favorite video games, movies, TV shows, and more

Persona Editor: Build your own human avatar like in an RPG Character Creator. Pick eye shapes, noses, hairdos, colors, and more. A version of the Persona Editor is currently available in our free iPhone app

Built-In Social Features: Chat with other avatars in a 3D environment

Android Tracking Bridge: Use your Android smartphone as your webcam and face tracker

Android Animaze App: Record and share avatar videos from your Android (just like you can with our iPhone app)

Avatar Storefront for External Artists: Upload avatars and props that you create and sell them to other Animaze users

API for Avatar Motions and Special Actions: Hook up your avatar inputs to external apps, libraries, peripherals, or software events using a simple network protocol

We hope you're as excited as we are about all the fun features we're working on for Animaze. If you have ideas for the future of Animaze, don't hesitate to let us know on Discord, Twitter, or via email (

Read on for more details about some of the above features!

What are Hybrid Avatars?

Hybrid avatars are a new concept that brings together the best parts of Live2D and 3D models: an avatar where you can use a 3D model as a base (a 3D body) and map a Live2D face onto it as a texture.

Hybrid avatars allow you to have a 3D body that can easily rotate in all directions while using a Live2D face that creates compelling facial expressions and emotions. Hybrid avatars have all the benefits of 3D avatars without any of the complications of rigging and animating 3D faces.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the face. You can use the Live2D editor to create any animated texture for your model. Animated color maps, specular maps, and normal maps that react to tracking input or special actions are all possible.

One example of a hybrid avatar is Able Gene, our Eggplant avatar currently available in Animaze. As he is a hybrid avatar, his palette of expressions can easily extend by just editing his Live2D face.

Some examples:

Avatar and Prop Retexturing:

We’re taking in-app customizations to the next level with texture customizations. Re-design textures however you want, without using the Animaze Editor or re-importing your avatar model. You won’t even have to restart the Animaze app! 

To Retexture Your Avatars and Props:

Select any Animaze avatar or prop

Click the customization icon

Go to the Retexture tab

Save the avatar or prop textures to disk

Load and edit the saved textures in your favorite image editor

Beautify (or bastardize) the textures to your heart’s content

Press a button in Animaze to reload your new textures 

Voila! You did it!

You’ll be able to edit the base texture on any mesh/sub mesh, as well as specular maps and normal maps. The sky's the limit!

Extended Parameter Set for Live2D Avatars:

At launch, Animaze supports the standard Live2D parameter set that you’re familiar with. We’re not stopping there, though. Because of its advanced tracking technology, Animaze can detect a lot more details from your face than FaceRig can (for example, Animaze tracks when you stick out your tongue). We are enhancing the expressiveness of ALL Live2D avatars by using more of those tracked inputs and extending the Live2D parameter set that Animaze can activate. 

We’ve worked with a prominent member of the Live2D art world (not spilling the beans on who for now) to develop a recommended extension to the standard Live2D model parameter set. We’re excited to share more later! 

Android Tracking Bridge

Use your Android phone as your webcam by connecting an Animaze Android app to your PC via wifi. Using your phone’s camera can reduce Animaze’s load on your CPU and potentially take advantage of advanced tracking features on your phone. This functionality is currently available in our iPhone app if you want to check it out!

Avatar Storefront for External Artists:

A lot of very talented artists make a living creating avatar content. In most cases, these avatar commissions are tailor-made for vTubers or streamers. We want to continue to support these artists and expand their opportunities to generate income from their work with an infrastructure for external artists to distribute their work to a larger audience directly within Animaze. Artists will be able to sell avatars, backgrounds, and props they design across our desktop and mobile platforms, potentially putting them in front of millions of Animaze users. Our goal is to empower artists to generate much more income from each piece of content they create. 

That sums up all the explanations. Let us know what you think on Discord, Twitter, or via email at Your feedback is vital in shaping this roadmap!


See you in Animaze! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

The Animaze Team

4 years ago
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