Launching one-time-purchase version of Animaze

Launching one-time-purchase version of Animaze

Launching one-time-purchase version of Animaze

You asked and we listened. You wanted an alternative to a monthly or yearly subscription to Animaze – the best way to live stream as a motion-capture avatar. So today we're launching our one-time-purchase versions Animaze Plus 22, and Animaze Pro 22 for professional streamers. If you want new features, characters, and technology enhancements every month, go with an Animaze By FaceRig subscription. Or, if you want to stick with the August 22 version and skip the constant improvements and future functionality, you can now pay one time and own today's Animaze forever.

We know not everyone likes subscriptions, and we weren’t trying to force them on you. In fact, we've wanted to give you a one-time-purchase option for a year now but first had to switch off our old motion tracking technology provider that wouldn't allow a perpetual version. 

Thanks to our new partnership with an even better tracking tech developer Visage Technologies, we're ready to sell Animaze Plus 22 and Animaze Pro 22. Existing Plus or Pro yearly subscribers (or monthly equivalent) will have the option of getting free copies of the 2022 feature-locked versions within days of the launch. Still, we hope you understand it requires constant investment from our team to keep operating and improving Animaze. Stick with your subscription to support the Animaze team, and if you want the smoothest, most expressive avatars with all the exciting new features we have in store.

What does Animaze Plus 22 get you?

If you have previously subscribed to Animaze Plus for at least a year, you will be able to have access to the Animaze Plus 22 app for free. Consequently, if you previously subscribed to Animaze Pro for a year, you will be able to automatically access Animaze Pro 22 for free within days of the launch. 

Also, if you previously owned the FaceRig app, you will be able to buy either of the Animaze Plus 22 or Animaze Pro 22 products at half the price.

Animaze Plus 22, $29.99:

  • Remove the watermark 

  • Stream at 60+ FPS 

  • Dedicated capture window

  • Export video as MP4 

  • Access the entire August 22  Animaze art slate: including avatars, backgrounds, props, and more 

    • 80+ customizable avatars

    • 35+ customizable backgrounds

    • 90+ customizable accessories

Animaze Pro 22, $149.99:

  • Everything in Animaze Plus 22

  • Pro-Streamer commercial rights for streamers earning $500+ per month/$6000 + per year 

  • Access to select Holotech Originals content sources of your choice, to modify the original avatar/background/prop to better complement your identity (up to  2 avatars, 5 accessories, 2 backgrounds and 3 emotes).

Animaze Pro 22 is only needed if you already earn more than $6000 per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 per month).

Here is a breakdown of all the Animaze products. Have a look and decide which app can help you morph into the digital character you’ve envisioned:

Animaze Products

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