Animaze presents Animaze Rooms beta, the multiplayer feature

Animaze Rooms beta

Animaze presents Animaze Rooms beta, the multiplayer feature

Get your avatar party mode on as Animaze is releasing the first iteration of Animaze Rooms, a multiplayer feature that is going to permit you and your friends to use your avatars at the same time, on the same screen! 

Animaze will give you the opportunity to be in the same digital room with other avatars directly in the Animaze app, at the same time. Bring your own identity, create a room, invite others and start messing around.

The feature is straightforward and easy to use, as you can learn about in the guide we prepared for you here. Bear in mind that this feature is in its first iteration and further improvements might be implemented over time. If you have any feedback on it or you think you would like something extra added to it, drop us a line at support [@] animaze [.] us or on our contact page and we will do our best. Animaze is a continuously developing app and its trajectory is always dictated by the community, so don’t be shy! 

While the feature is in its Beta, the Animaze Rooms feature will be free to use for all! Upon exiting Beta, hosting an Animaze Room will be subscription gated, while joining will be free for all. 

All supported avatars are welcomed 

Are you worried about your friend who streams with a 2D avatar not being able to join you and your 3D avatar? Don’t be! The Animaze Rooms feature is friendly toward all supported avatar formats and all of them will be welcomed in the same Animaze Room!

What would be some examples of using Animaze Rooms? 

Animaze is a versatile app that can help your content creation. This Animaze-powered feature will set up the groundwork for your creative endeavors and level up your digital communication in ways you cannot even imagine. Besides your fun casual avatar hangouts, here are some examples of how that could benefit you:

Digital courses - introverts all around the world, reunite and feast your eyes on your new educational stomping grounds. The Animaze Rooms feature is the perfect place for course attendees to come out of their shells and take the risk of giving a wrong answer… while in a creative avatar form. 

Content creation: Be it a short movie that you imagined doing for a really long time, but never found the right actors for it, or creating an animated ad for your product within a limited budget, Animaze Rooms will give you the creative freedom to use over its original avatars as actors. Having the ability to include several avatars on the same screen and different camera angles offers an abundance of cinematic opportunities. Also, we have prepared a few simple tips and tricks about how you can create the best video content with Animaze in our guide here.

Here is one example of a cinematic video made in Animaze

Host guest streams: How about extending an invitation to that streamer who you’ve been following for ages, but is keen on keeping his digital self? You can invite anyone who is using Animaze, no matter what kind of avatar they prefer, to your Animaze Room and go live together on your next stream! The more the merrier, right? 

With today’s launch, we have also included the following updates:

  • Tweaked some icons in the Animations tab

  • Fixed a bug where customizing a prop would change the suggested colors for the parent avatar in some instances (e.g. mustache prop would lend the suggested colors to the avatar's mustache customization - as it happened for the Theater Mask avatar)

  • Added Chinese Traditional language

  • Added a calibration warning if you have saved changes in the Tracker’s advanced config

  • Fixed OVR Lipsync noise gate options not applying issue

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

2 years ago
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