Animaze Launch Date, Subscription Discounts, Extending FaceRig Availability, and More!

Animaze Launch Date, Subscription Discounts, Extending FaceRig Availability, and More!

Animaze is Launching on November 17, 2020!

We’ve got some exciting news to share: Animaze is launching into Steam Early Access on November 17, 2020! That’s just a week away! Make sure you wishlist Animaze and join our Discord server to be notified the moment it’s available. 

We can’t wait for you to experience Animaze. Whether it’s your first time using avatars or you’re a seasoned FaceRig veteran, we hope you’ll love it! Read on for some more important news about Animaze and FaceRig, including awesome discounts and sales coming up!

50% Discount on Initial Purchase of ALL Subscriptions for FaceRig Owners

As a special thank you to our community, everyone who has FaceRig in their Steam library will automatically get a 50% discount on your initial purchase of all Animaze subscriptions! This discount is applied to your first purchase of EACH subscription - meaning you get 50% off your first monthly AND annual subscription for both our Basic and VIP subscriptions (renewals revert to the regular price). This discount is in addition to the two special props and bundle of free avatars that all FaceRig owners automatically unlock in Animaze. For more info about your subscription discounts, check out our additional info section at the bottom of this post.

Extending FaceRig Availability on Online Stores:

In response to community feedback, we are not removing FaceRig from sale until Animaze has completed Early Access and releases v1.0. This means FaceRig will remain available to purchase at least through the first few months of 2021. 

Many of you expressed sincere interest in having FaceRig as an option to purchase after you’ve had the chance to try out Animaze. We hear you, and believe that this is especially appropriate while Animaze is in Early Access. We encourage you to evaluate Animaze and compare it side by side with FaceRig!

Please keep in mind that regardless of when FaceRig is removed from sale, if you own FaceRig, you will be able to use it in perpetuity. We are maintaining critical product and customer support for FaceRig through December 31, 2021. After that, FaceRig will continue to function but will not receive any updates or support. 

FaceRig Autumn Sale:

In lieu of a “Going Away Sale” for FaceRig (as it is no longer about to be removed from sale), FaceRig is participating in the Steam Autumn Sale! FaceRig will be 50% off, with DLCs ranging from 30-80% off! The Steam Autumn Sale runs from November 25 - December 1.

Stay tuned for more exciting info when Animaze launches - including much more info on our roadmap - in a week! As always, don’t hesitate to @ us on Twitter, email us at, or join our Discord server

All the best,

The FaceRig/Animaze Team

Additional Info: Subscription Discounts for FaceRig Owners

How do I activate my discount?

Everyone who owns FaceRig will automatically receive a discount on each of Animaze’s subscriptions. This discount is applied behind the scenes as long as you have FaceRig in your Steam library.  You don’t need to do anything on Steam or within Animaze to activate your discount. When you visit the Animaze subscriptions page, you will be shown prices that are 50% off of the normal price.

How long do the discounts apply for?

Animaze has 4 different subscriptions that you can purchase:

  • Basic Monthly 

  • Basic Annual 

  • VIP Monthly 

  • VIP Annual 

Your 50% discount applies to your first purchase of each subscription. Renewals are at full price. For example, If you purchase the Basic Monthly subscription, your first month will be 50% off. If you purchase a Basic Annual subscription, your first year will be 50% off. Using the discount for one subscription does not erase discounts for other subscriptions. In total, you get one month of Basic for 50% off, one year of Basic for 50% off, one month of VIP for 50% off, and one year of VIP for 50% off! That’s more than two years of subscription discounts! 

How much do discounted subscriptions cost?:

Here are the prices you will see for Animaze subscriptions if you have the FaceRig owner discount:

  • Basic Monthly: $1.99/month

  • Basic Annual: $9.99/year

  • VIP Monthly: $4.99/month

  • VIP Annual: $49.99/year

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to join our Discord server: If Discord isn't your thing, @ us on Twitter or email us at


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