Animaze update 1.26.12587

Animaze update 1.26.12587

Animaze update 1.26.12587

Hello Awesome People!

The Animaze PC App and its launcher have been updated recently.

This update is special as it changes the client-server interaction, so it can't be done automatically on the old Launcher.
You will have to download the new version of the Launcher manually (unless you are on the Steam version of Animaze, in which case the update has already been applied via the Steam client and the below steps do not apply to you). 

To update Animaze to the correct version, the  steps are:

1. - [Optional] back-up any custom settings/ imported avatars that you want to keep, if you have them; you can do so either by using the backup scripts  ( ) or manually copying the appropriate files to a separate folder.
2. - download the new Launcher,  from
3. - make sure the old launcher and old Animaze are not running.
4. - install the new Launcher,  (this will automatically uninstall the old one too, so you don't have to do that manually)
5. - once the new launcher is installed, start it, click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right-hand corner, scroll down, press "Check for Updates" button.
6. - then install the latest  Animaze normally, login to your account 
7. - [Optional] restore the backup personal avatars and settings, as applicable.

The correct versions are:

Standalone launcher: 1.26.12587
Standalone Animaze: 1.26.12587
Any lower and it means you are on a version that needs updating.

A new Animaze iOS app version has also been submitted to Apple and we are waiting for it to go live. 

Cheers, and happy steaming!
The Holotech Team.

1 month ago
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