Animaze v1.26.12424 - Import Mixamo animations and more

Animaze v1.26.12424 - Import Mixamo animations and more

Hello awesome folks,

We are releasing an update that enables you to add a LOT more ready-made custom animations to your avatar.
You can now directly import any of the thousands of Mixamo animations to use on any mannequin-compatible avatar in Animaze! This should also work with any other animation creation pipeline that can export fbx animations for the Mixamo rig, like
You are now also able to use blendshape face tracking input from any VMC tracker!
Based on your feedback, we've reworked key bindings for Special Actions, Special Poses, and Idle Animations.
Because of the keybind system changes, switching to previous-version branch and back to the main will revert all keybind mappings to default.

Full Changelog
-added Mixamo generic mannequin that allows for Mixamo rigged animations to be loaded and applied on virtually all 3D avatars (VRM and Ready Player Me work out of the box and most Holotech Originals).
-added a direct Mixamo animation import option (.fbx files), enabling you to add animations directly from the Mixamo website (or other Mixamo-compatible sources) to your Avatar in Animaze.
-added support to receive blendshapes face data on VMC tracker (the VMC tracker is no longer body-only)
  --ARKit/PerfectSync/MediaPipe blendshapes are interpreted and retargeted on all avatars.
  --for VRoid expression blendshapes (joy, surprise, sad, etc.) which aren’t retargeted, we’ve added a Direct Expression Mapping option that will 
  directly apply the incoming blendshapes on the VRM model.
  --Direct Expression Mapping can also be used with ARKit/PerfectSync/MediaPipe blendshapes if the avatar model supports it (e.g. Ready 
  Player Me avatars support the standard by default).
  --added options to accept/reject incoming VMC data, currently three main channels: body transforms, camera transform, and blendshapes.
-fixed and tweaked some special actions and idle animation interactions.
-reworked the special actions, poses, and idles keybinding system to allow for easier rebinding. We’ve added the option to keep the keybindings specific to the avatar, so you can have different special actions keybindings per avatar. When using the “Keybinds saved to avatar instance“ option, you can do key rebinding directly from the Animations drawer.
-fixed issue with using Spout2 sources on props.

Known issues
-The switch between generic Mannequin and Mixamo animations is snappy.

Editor Changelog

-fixed the crash that occurs when calling Save item on items without models.

As always, we love hearing what you think about the new content and Animaze! Tell us what you’d like to see added to Animaze on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy Streaming,
The Holotech Team

11 months ago
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