Animaze v1.25.10659 presents ARKit Interpretation Improvement and more!

Animaze v1.25.10659 presents ARKit Interpretation Improvement and more!

Animaze v1.25.10659 presents ARKit Interpretation Improvement and more!

We’re excited to present an update that will take your avatar’s expressivity to another level through Animaze’s ARKit interpretation improvements! This update also offers you a customizable intensity for the avatar’s idle pose and much more!

Update now and enjoy the following: 

  • ARKit Interpretation Improvements: Update the Animaze iOS app, connect your iPhone as a tracker in Animaze and get the most out of your avatar’s expressivity! Our new update will offer you avatar a smoother lip movement. If you decide to go back to the old settings, this can easily be done through Settings > Tracking Profile. 

Here’s a sneak peak of the tracking improvements: 

  • Inferred Body Yaw from Head Yaw movement: we have added an override option that infers the body yaw movement from the head yaw movement, to compensate the fact that camera based face-trackers do not track shoulder or upper body yaw movement. Go to Settings > Advanced Tracking Configurations > Overrides and locate Inferred Body Yaw option

  • Customizable Intensity for Avatar Idle Animation: controls the movement amplitude applied by the avatar’s idle animation. On Live2D avatars, the intensity factor will be applied on the idle animation as well as on the procedural breathing parameters (ParamBreath).

We have also worked on the following bug fixes and improvements: 

  • added support for a separate audio track for Video Exporter, currently, there’s no preview function.

  • fixed issues with emotes placement on VRM and RPM avatars

  • tweaks to RPM avatar retargeting

  • added pitch rotation movement controls

  • updated Ultraleap SDK

We are working on the following known issues:

  • Ultraleap neutral position (no hands detected) has the palms orientated forward

  • Only retexturing a prior customized persona will not prompt a save pop-up when saving

  • There’s a random bug that empties the background gallery after saving a light setup. Restarting the app will solve the issue.

  • While using Axis Perception Neuron tracker on Personas, some beards don’t properly retarget

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

2 years ago
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