Animaze v1.25.7692 presents New Content, Multi Tracking Management, and much more

Animaze v1.25.7692 presents New Content, Multi Tracking Management, and much more

Animaze v1.25.7692 presents New Content, Multi Tracking Management, and much more

Hey, Animaze Community!

We’ve been working hard on new features for you guys, so join us in our latest Animaze concoctions! 

  • Brand New Exciting Avatar: Our new Alien avatar brings a message of peace and amusement as he begins to slowly mingle with the Animaze habitants.

  • Multi Tracking Stack Management: We've updated the Advanced Tracking Configuration with a trackers management tool. Now you can easily add or replace trackers (e.g., add one of the two lip sync trackers and replace the webcam-based tracker with the iPhone tracker from the iPhone Bridge).

  • We have added the Hats and Headphones to Personas: you can now customize your personas avatar even further with a variety of props

  • Unlimited Number of Special Actions in Stream Deck: With this update, you can add unlimited special actions and poses to your Animaze Stream Deck plugin (the plugin requires version 1.04).

Other new updates and bug fixes include:

  • To mitigate the cropping effect exhibited on some avatars and provide finer control over Live2D avatar rendering, we’ve added a render canvas panning and zooming function to the Animaze Editor. Please note, if you want to control the zooming of your Live2D avatar, you must import your avatar via the Editor. Importing directly into Animaze will use a default zoom. Check out our documentation right here for more information and how-tos. 

  • In the Animaze Editor, the Retargeting Overrides feature allows you to customize tracking inputs to Live2D parameter mappings. For example, you can add extra or even replace existing Live2D parameters and select which of the Animaze tracking inputs drive them. Learn how to use the Retargeting Overrides right here.

  • We’ve fixed a very slippery crash that occurred when connecting the iPhone Bridge.

  • We optimized video recording. Framerate drop should be significantly reduced.

  • We’ve tweaked the Calibration flow. The keybind shortcut (default set to Ctrl + C) will not open the whole Calibration screen that shows your face. Also, added some UI tweaks.

Known issues in this update: 

When trying to change something on an already saved custom avatar, selecting not to save at the end of customization will cause the app to crash or the avatar to disappear from the scene. 

ATTENTION ALL VRM BETA TESTERS: We are briefly extending the.VRM import beta test. We’ve updated the VRM branch to address the feedback we received from the surveys and Discord channel. Beta testers can learn more about the updates on the beta Discord channel. We know many of you can’t wait to get your VRM models into Animaze. Rest assured, we are working our tails off to release .VRM to EVERYONE! 

Changes to VRM:

  • tweaked shading to have a more MToon look: removed shadows by default, removed specular highlights, fixed the outline and fixed overly bright surfaces

  • changed default retargeting method to use the VRoid expressions (e.g. FUN, SORROW, JOY, etc.), rather than raw blendshape names, to adhere to the VRM standard which encourages the use of Blendshape Groups/Proxies. This change will make tracking seem a bit more limited

  • reduced the import time

  • added all meta info in the Description of the avatar

  • reworked physics

Note that all already imported VRM avatars may exhibit issues after this update so it is strongly advised to re-import them in the Animaze Editor.

As always, we love hearing what you think about the new features and Animaze! Tell us what you’d like to see added to Animaze on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy Streaming,

The Holotech Team

3 years ago
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