Avatar and Prop Imports are Now Free for All Users

Avatar and Prop Imports are Now Free for All Users


Today we are announcing that we have permanently removed the $0.99 fee for importing custom avatars and props into Animaze. Moving forward, you can import as many avatars and props as you want directly to Animaze, for free, regardless of subscription status. Additionally, we are automatically refunding every paid import purchased through Steam. You do not need to take any action to receive your refund. We are working with Steam to issue refunds, and you should receive the refund in the next few weeks.

We’re committed to offering a robust free version of Animaze that allows you make an informed decision about the app before spending a single cent. We hear your feedback and understand that using custom avatars and props is an essential part of making this decision. Your avatar is your digital identity, and you can’t fully assess the Animaze experience without seeing YOUR avatars and props in Animaze.

Paid imports were originally designed to help fund development and customer support for the Animaze Editor, our free tool for avatar and prop artists. The Editor is a complex piece of software that requires significant development and support resources. In addition to the software itself, there is a huge amount of supporting documentation, tutorials, FAQ’s, and individual, 1:1 artist support that we provide to help folks get their custom avatars and props into Animaze. 

After listening to your feedback from the last few weeks, we hear you loud and clear: asking free users to pay for imports isn’t the right way to fund this critical work. We hope you will consider supporting the continued development of Animaze, the Editor, and new avatars and props with a subscription.  

We appreciate all of the constructive feedback you’ve provided so far, and we hope this encourages more of you to try Animaze with your custom avatars and props! 

If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to join our Discord server, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email at support@animaze.us.


Do I need to do anything to get my refund?

No. Refunds will be processed automatically for everyone who purchased any Paid Imports. All Paid Imports will be refunded. 

When will I get my refund?

We are working with Steam to bulk-process refunds for Paid Imports. Once the refunds have been processed, they should show up near-instantaneously in your Steam Wallet. We do not expect this process to take longer than a few weeks at most.

Where does my refund go?

All microtransactions on Steam are processed through the Steam Wallet, so your Steam Wallet balance will increase by the amount you spent on Paid Imports.

4 years ago
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