Animaze's update v1.25.10300 presents Custom Emotes Templates and more!

Custom Emotes Templates

Animaze's update v1.25.10300 presents Custom Emotes Templates and more!

Welcome to a new update, Animaze community! 

Let your emotions run free with Animaze’s new Custom Emotes Templates feature!

Get our latest update and upload and use custom emotes with Animaze! Load any .png .jpeg, etc. into Animaze and use them to spice up your streams and content (we recommend using .png files since they have a transparent background and will look more seamless when they are played). Find out how ito do that in our dedicated article right here.

We have also included the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed light preset glitchy interaction in scenes where light is animated through light cookies

  • Fixed quickscene issues when saved to default Persona

  • Fixed 2D props flicker that occurred when adding the same image multiple times

  • Fixed Personas pattern saving issue

  • Tweaked save and revert flow for customizations. Prompts should be more clear about the why and what the user is doing

  • Fixed Reset issue in General > Dedicated Capture Window section, the button was disabled by default

  • Fixed crash in prop galleries for avatars with no attachments slots

  • Fixed Simple Lipsync

  • Fixed glitchy interaction on Personas that use Mouse & Keyboard prop retargeting and Special Actions

  • Bump scale fallback for VRM imports (needs reimport) - fixes issues with avatars that have colored surfaces (e.g. hair) but import fully black

  • Added gallery visual cue for workshop items

  • Added option to increase Animaze process priority to diminish the lagging effect when the app goes to background

  • Added support for distinguishing cameras with the same name

  • Fixed a crash when loading a scene without an Environment item (fixes TV background from Steam Workshop)

  • added 'enable gamepad input' toggle

  • tweaked option names for streamer actions chat participation

  • Fixed persona tops disabling controller input 

We are working on the following known issues:

  • The latest backgrounds section in the app is currently visible, but unavailable to purchase. We’ll release a fix for the issue as fas as we can.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy Streaming!

2 years ago
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