Go bananas with Brutus, the Gorilla.

Go bananas with Brutus, the Gorilla.

The jungle adventure begins today.

Whether used for teaching a biology class, stepping in for Harambe, or performing the best karaoke cover of King Louie's "I Want to Be Like You", Brutus is up for the task.


Download Brutus the gorilla avatar on Animaze.us and transform your online presence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail from the twinkle in his eye to his infectious grin, Brutus responds with stunning accuracy, turning every nuance of your expression into an animated reality.
Because he is a chonky boy to render, (high-quality ape model), he is, for now, available on Windows PC only.

Empire State Building not included, but we are adding a free banana prop.

Thank you for supporting indie VTubing engine alternatives.
The Animaze team (Dragos, Alex and Catalin).

1 month ago
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