One year of Animaze 1.0

One year of Animaze 1.0

One year of Animaze 1.0

On this special day, the date that marks one year since the Animaze 1.0 app was officially launched, we take a step back and reminisce. 

The Holotech Studios team has had quite a year. Building a world-class avatar communication app is not for the faint of heart, but with creativity, empathy, and, most importantly, hard work, the Animaze team has managed to move forward with numerous exciting projects and integrations:

  • The Voicemod integration: a collaboration that offers a much-appreciated depth to your avatar by complementing your visual persona with the matching voice it was missing. 

  • Live Feed customizations for your Animaze content!

  • The launch of the most realistic Holotech avatar (yet!), Chleo Bancroft, our new Digital Assistant

  • New animations, dances, and scene stickers

  • Integration of a new face-tracker, Visage


  • The option to purchase the Animaze apps directly from the website

  • A multiplayer feature, that allows you to join in creating content or just spend time with other avatars directly in the Animaze app

  • Digital make-up integrations

  • Constant improvements to the ARkit interpretation (Animaze iPhone tracking)

  • Custom emotes that enable you to load any .png .jpeg, etc. into Animaze and use them to spice up your streams and content

We have also had countless of Avatar Releases. You can find all our original avatars right here

We’re excited to move forward with full forces to improve and implement the best features for our community and our business partners!

2 years ago
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