Animaze's upcoming updates - 2022 Q4 Roadmap

Animaze's upcoming updates - 2022 Q4 Roadmap

Animaze's upcoming updates - 2022 Q4 Roadmap

The Animaze team is committed to putting in constant resources and work into keeping the Animaze app at the highest quality standard, but also to implementing as much as possible from the community feedback.

Here are some of the very exciting upcoming updates that we're working on launching throughout the rest of the year. 

As always, we enoucourage to share you feedback with us! Tell us what you’d like to see added to Animaze on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Release Date


End of September 2022


- Dragon Anthro avatar
- Crazy Stylized Scientist avatar

Scene Stickers
New Dances & Idle animations for any avatars compatible with the general animation system (VRM, RPM, humanoid Holotech originals, and any custom avatars built according to the published Animaze specs)

Personas updates

ARKit optimized animations, for even better mouth motions on IPhone tracking.

Q4 App Updates

Face Tracking improvements (also applies to Animaze Plus/Pro 22)

Voice Effects App Controls

- paired with Special Actions
- paired with Stream Actions

Camera Controls

- action camera effects
- gamepad controls
- camera cuts save/load system

Texture Light Projector for Backgrounds - In App customization & controls

(potential) Additional webcam-based face tracker

Voice Effects App Controls

Personas & Customizations save/revert flow optimizations

Q4 Content Updates

Personas updates

- clothing options (pants, t-shirts, and shoes)

2 new hold-able props

TF2 Spy, Sniper, and Demoman

Bountiful Fruit Basket avatar pack (simple avatars)

Zany Living Object avatar pack (simple avatars)

FaceRig Legacy avatar ports:

- Julien the Pug
- Happy the Hare
- Evil Clown

Glam/Fashion, Realistic Shaded Avatar (better looking lips, hair, general makeup, and face details).

3D Anime-styled avatar, fine-tuned to the Animaze animation standard.

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