Animaze teams up with Visage Technologies and offers one-time payment options!

Animaze teams up with Visage Technologies and offers one-time payment options!

Animaze teams up with Visage Technologies and offers one-time payment options!

Happy update day, folks!

We have big news to share with you today so join us in going through replacing current tracking technology with the new Visage Technologies face tracker and two Animaze DLCs that offer one-time payment options for the Animaze app!

Let’s breakdown the changes and see what they mean:

Animaze Plus 22 and Animaze Pro 22, the one-time payment options for consumers

We know not everyone likes subscriptions and we've wanted to build a one-time-purchase option for a year now, but first had to switch off our old face tracking license that wouldn't allow a perpetual version. Thanks to our new partnership with an even better tracking tech developer Visage Technologies, we're now ready to present Animaze Plus 22 and Animaze Pro 22

Animaze Plus 22, available for a one-time payment of  $29.99, is offering the Animaze base experience, with everything that we’ve built and released from the start of Animaze until August 2022:

  • Remove the watermark 

  • Stream at 60+ FPS 

  • Dedicated capture window (w/ Spout2 capabilities)

  • Export video as MP4 

  • Access the entire August 22  Animaze art slate: including avatars, backgrounds, props, and more 

    • 80+ customizable avatars

    • 35+ customizable backgrounds

    • 90+ customizable accessories

Animaze Pro 22, available for a one-time payment of $149.99, is offering:

  • Everything in Animaze Plus 22

  • Pro-Streamer commercial rights for streamers earning $500+ per month/$6000 + per year 

  • Access to select Holotech Originals content sources of your choice, to modify the original avatar/background/prop to better complement your identity (up to  2 avatars, 5 accessories, 2 backgrounds and 3 emotes).

Animaze Pro 22 is only needed if you earn more than $6000 per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 per month).

Existing Plus or Pro yearly subscribers (or monthly equivalent) will also get free copies of the 2022 feature-locked versions within days of the launch. 

The Animaze subscriptions will continue to benefit from updates, and it will be the only way to access Animaze online features that require the Animaze servers (multiplayer or the expanding avatar library). Stick with your subscription to support the Animaze team, and if you want the smoothest, most expressive avatars with all the exciting new features we have in store.

The new Visage-powered tracking technology

Our goal with this update is to enable one-time payment options and still offer an AAA-quality experience for your avatar embodiment needs. As we’re swapping technologies, here are the slight changes we expect to see:

  • The lip motion tracked with Visage Technologies is more detailed

  • The overall tracking is more stable

  • The tongue-out action does not work with Visage Technologies. A solution for this is that the tongue-out action will be included in the animations menu 

  • Looking up and down does not work consistently on Visage Technologies, eye movement is locked to horizontal movement.

The old Animaze tracking experience can still be accessed on this branch: hyprface 

Update November 2022: due to legal reasons the branch is not available anymore

To get accustomed in depth to the new tech and its calibration we have this article.

Please feel free to speak your mind and give us feedback at support [@] animaze [.] us or on our contact page. Animaze and the tracking technology will continue to evolve and we will continue, to implement feedback we receive from the community. 

This update also brings numerous other fixes and improvements:

  • Advanced Tracking Configurations now saves as a separate file so you can have multiple configuration files that you can use in different lighting setups. Select a saved configuration file from the Tracking Profile Default drop-down.

  • Fixed Ultraleap retargeting issue on Personas where props would twist unexpectedly.

  • Adjusted Ready Player Me avatars upper lip and nose retargeting.

  • Tweaks and adjustments to Alternate Lipsync Retargeting.

  • Fixed crash when changing audio input device and OVR Lipsync is active.

  • removed duplicated camera device capabilities (resolution and fps).

  • Fixed Axis PerceptionNeuron tracker IP field typing behavior.

  • Fixed icon generation for customized avatars while connected to an Animaze Room,

  • Fixed issue with gamepad controls auto activating when changing the avatar even if the gamepad was deactivated.

  • Added tongue out as a Pose.

  • OVR lipsync tweaks to dampen some visemes that are erroneously detected

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

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