Meet Silenus, the war GOAT avatar!

Meet Silenus, the war GOAT avatar!

Hello Awesome People!

A new Holotech original free avatar enters the arena: Silenus the futuristic war GOAT.
He also brings along his futuristic spaceship backdrop.

Whether you want to have a sci-fi goat narrating your exploits in the galaxy or repurpose him in zoomed-in portrait mode as a tiefling lookalike for your new BG3 run ( ), Silenus is reporting for duty.

Since he is named after the mythological Silenus, the teacher and faithful companion of the wine god Dionysus, he may or may not have a drinking problem.

He is full-body motion capture enabled, and texture elements on his armor chest piece are mapped to allow easy logo placement.
Because he is among the more graphically complex assets, he is a PC exclusive (no mobile version).

Look him up by name in the avatar browser (Animaze 2023 DLC, or Animaze live service, Windows PC).

Cheers, and happy steaming!
The Holotech Team.

1 month ago
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