Animaze v 1.26.11533 presents Scene Stickers & New Dances

Animaze v 1.26.11533 presents Scene Stickers & New Dances

Animaze v 1.26.11533 presents Scene Stickers & New Dances

Hello, Animaze community!

Get the party started on this update day and let the good vibes flow as we’re releasing new animations, dances, and scene stickers. So get your stream ready and here are the new goodies and improvements we’re bringing to Animaze:

  • Dances and Idle animations: Animaze is helping you to get ready to party on stream and to get on those dance trends right away! Starting with today’s update, you can use the following new dances: Chicken Dance, HipHop Dance, Silly Dance, Macarena Dance, Robot Dance, Arms Wave Dance, Twerk Dance, Rumba Dance, Swing Dance, CanCan Dance, Didi Dance. We’ve also included the new Bored, Fight, Ninja, Sad, and Victory idles.

Here’s how they look on a couple of avatars. Pretty cool, right? 

  • Scene Stickers: React and customize your streams with over 50 new scene stickers. They’re easy to use, fun to watch and they will make your in-stream reactions a whole lot easier. 

Here are some other bug fixes and improvements we are including in this update:

  • Made the main menu scrollable and rearranged options.

  • Changed app default height.

  • Fixed UI revert issues on Axis Neuron tracker section.

  • Removed Global Symmetry on sections of the Adv. Config. were it does nothing.

  • Several tweaks to the face tracker (applies to Animaze Plus/Pro 22 as well) including:

    • a noise step filter that can be toggled on/off from the Adv. Config. drawer.

    • updated Visage Tracker tech to the latest version

    • few tweaks for pursed lips and nose up movement, should fix some false positives while blinking

    • removed lips pressed movement as it cannot be consistently tracked

    • changed default smoothing values for jaw drop and pursed lips

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, or message us on Twitter!

Happy streaming with Animaze!

2 years ago
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