The Animaze Desktop app is now available on!

The Animaze Desktop app is now available on!

The Animaze Desktop app is now available on!

Animaze is now available on

Using the Animaze app has just become easier than ever as Animaze is now available on our website,!

Our new and improved website will now offer users the opportunity to create accounts, purchase, or download for free the Animaze app! 

Animaze’s pricing plans have remained the same ones that our community has gotten used to. If you want to see all the perks and decide which one is right for you, we recommend you visit our breakdown right here. Until then, here’s a preview of what you can choose from:

Animaze Individual Subscriptions

Are you looking to spice up your video calls? You can use Animaze for free!

Forget bad hair days on Zoom and go on your video calls with a fun and creative digital character. You can choose from over 80 original avatars, build your own human-looking avatar by using our in-app character creator or the Ready Player Me creator which transforms your selfie into an avatar in a matter of clicks. If you already have a custom avatar, you can import it and play around with it in Animaze free of charge! 

Want to advance your streaming career? Try out Animaze Plus or Animaze Pro!

Round up your Twitch subscribers and stream as your favorite character! After an initial setup, that will give you the opportunity to choose from multiple advanced face, body, and audio trackers, you’ll be able to let your avatar’s emotions run free or even do a celebratory dance to welcome your new subscribers. You can use Animaze’s advanced settings and more with the Animaze Plus subscription ($3.99/month). Commercial streaming* with Animaze is possible with the Animaze Pro subscription ($9.99/month)

*Animaze Pro subscription is only needed if you already earn more than $6000 USD per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 USD per month). 

Do you already have an Animaze subscription and want to move it to a new account?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you wish to move the remaining time of your Steam bought subscription to the account created on all you have to do is:

  • Contact us at support [@] 
  • Provide us with screenshots that will show the remaining validity of your subscription and we’ll issue a special key for you
  • Log into your new account and activate the new Animaze key that’ll transfer the remaining validity

As always, we love to hear your feedback on Animaze!! Tell us what you think on our Discord server, email us at support[@]animaze[.]us, message us on Twitter, or drop a line on the Animaze website!

Happy streaming with Animaze! 

2 years ago
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